Lana Tran

Organisational Change Management

Corporate Instructional Design

Hi there, I'm Lana!

I'm experienced in providing organisational change management and instructional design in Banking. I'm passionate in financial crime, especially around raising awareness and education of scams.

Why organisational change management?

Because I'm all about the individual. Organisational change management is how I can support and enable a person to adopt and embed a change.

I'm an advocate of the ADKAR model. In 2022, I completed my Graduate Certificate in Organisational Change Management. In the coming years, I'm looking forward to being a Prosci certified Change Practitioner.

Why corporate instructional design?

Instructional design is similar to change management; it's how I can build an individual's capability and educate through digital learning platforms.

After building my PowerPoint skills, I've transitioned to Articulate Rise to create interactive and engaging e-learning courses. Within the coming months, I've challenged myself to learn how to use Chameleon Creator.

In 2023, I completed my Graduate Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching.


Graduate Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching

Digital Learning Platforms

Engaging learners in digital environments

Analysing the web and social networks

Design and development across learning environments

96 | High Distinction

96 | High Distinction

90 | High Distinction

82 | High Distinction

Graduate Certificate in Organisational Change Management

Managing change and complexity

Agile project and change management

Technological change and innovation

Organisation change management

76 | Distinction

72 | Distinction

72 | Distinction

74 | Distinction

Bachelor's Degree in Business (Financial Planning)

Some work I'm proud to share

Developed a storyboard on Miro to map out the core elements of a course promoting education about scams and staying safe from scams.

Design challenges were addressed, developer notes created for developement on Articulate Rise, and interactive tools and activities were highlighted.

Created a short asynchronous course on Articulate Rise educating learners on the scam environment in Australia, the different types of scams, and ways to stay safe from scams.

The course is focused on embedding learning through interactive objects such as videos, accordion menus, hotspot activites and more.

Gamified digital learning activities were developed for learners to apply their learnings and simulate scam situations and scenarios the learner may be exposed to in the future.

A review of the LinkedIn Learning course 'Avoiding Phishing Scams' was completed. Affordances of digital online learning was identified.

Suggestions were provided to better measure learning effectiveness and promote learner engagement through active learning components.

Following the suggestions provided in the assignment 'Review of an Online Course', a new course titled 'Staying safe from scams' was developed. An analysis into the scam environment and learner was conducted and accommodations required were identified.

The key principles of the Universal Design for Learning was referenced. The need for active learning components was justified and examples were provided. The benefits of measuring learning effective were detailed.

Meet scamsafeBOT

A chatbot tool was developed for financial institutions and organisations to educate stakeholders about scams.

The three key user objectives are:

  1. Learn more about the different types of scams
  2. Determine whether an unsolicited SMS/email/call is genuine
  3. Seek guidance on what to do if the user has fallen for a scam.